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Pardon me, your stuck is showing.

You feel it: off-balance, less than awesome, achy, whiney, tired, mad, or all of the above.
And you’ve tried a hellofalot of things to escape it. Things like fad diets, self-help books, drinking, shopping, complaining, sex.

All the while knowing that somewhere within you is the bad ass chick you dream about; the one who is healing her body, her mind, and her heart; quitting the shame game, and screaming FREEDOM! at the top of her lungs.

Because dreams never acted on?

Are an actual nightmare.

So what do you do when you realize—perhaps with a gasp, perhaps in sleepy, sad submission—that your life is not at all what you want it to be?

You do exactly what I did—you start small.

You stop dreaming and start doing, you take your life to the next level, you pinpoint the emotional and situational linebackers that are stopping or slowing you down and you tackle them. You stop making excuses, you tell your shame and your past to go to hell, you moon mediocrity, you have a tearful reunion with the deepest part of you.

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And you do it with my help.

Because this kind of thing requires serious backup. Because everyone needs someone who really gives a shit, because sometimes it takes an expert to help you get crystal f***ing clear on what is in your way so you can mow it down and laugh maniacally as you don’t look back.


I’m living proof, and with my sweet ass little program, you’re about to be too. Did your heart just do a girly little leap over the possibility of this? Good. Check out how we’re gonna do it by heading here »



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Merritt Lander

I was really struggling to find my path. I was working jobs that I didn’t really care about, and I spent more days than I care to admit calling in complaining of varying degrees of sickness. After one conversation with Brigitte about my love of swimming (I started swimming competitively when I was 9 and did some developmental coaching while I was in college), she convinced me that I was talented enough and experienced enough to offer private coaching to athletes in the Bay Area. She composed a Craigslist ad that highlighted my passion, enthusiasm, and attention to detail, and now, four years later, I have coached athletes from all over the world. I’m infinitely healthier and happier because I make my living—and not a bad one, at that—doing what I love, thanks largely to Brigitte’s coaching and encouragement. She saw possibilities for me I never saw in myself, and I’m grateful for that.

Merritt LanderSwim Coach, English TeacherSwim Coach
Colleen  Hammon-­Hogan

Brigitte  came  into  my  life  at  the  perfect  time  -­  twice.    The  first,  I  was  a  broke  artist  with  no direction.    I  was  depressed,  unhappy,  and  frustrated  in  life.    She  helped  lift  me  out  of  my  comfort zone  by  suggesting  I  do  drawing  lessons,  which  my  art  school  degree  set  me  up  to  do.    Being able  to  see  possibilities  in  me  I  didn’t  see  in  myself  changed  my  life. The  second  time,  I  was  re-­evaluating  what  to  do  with  my  life  -­  and  was  feeling  the  depression again.    She  lifted  me  up  with  her  30  day  program  and  gave  me  hope  that  things  could  change  for the  better  -­  just  by  changing  small  things  in  my  life  for  30  days,  I’ve  been  able  to  make  lasting changes  that  are  adding  up  to  big  things.

Colleen Hammon-­HoganCEOURL HERE
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